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Tony Motors (TV14-DLSV) on the YouTube channel of my Tony Motors cartoons.

Tony Motors is my original cartoon, about a Los Angeles family with a father with a lot of motorsport experience while having his Motorsports Garage near his \”Tony Johnson\” home. Drive a Motorsport Car and a Monster Truck. His second son and son \”Daxter\” is an FMX athlete. The eldest daughter Kendal is the sexiest girl in the family and in town. Jolene is Tony’s diva mother and fake wife while having children with her. Melvin is the youngest gangster and Reno is the talking dog.

The characters already have voice actors are: Kendal, Jolene, Melvin, Alex, Frank, Alson, Miss Linda, Principal Hammer, Shelby, Mario, Charles, James, Phillip, Brandon and Bownser. But we just need entries for: Tony, Daxter, Reno, Harvey and the rest of the Tony Motors characters who don’t have their voice actors/actresses yet. Tony has an adult voice with a sound similar to Eric Cartman’s, Daxter’s voice sounds like Mike’s from Total Drama, Reno sounds like Lightning from Total Drama and Harvey sounds like Crunch Bandicoot from Crash Tag Team Racing. You can listen to them here via the link to this video: Here you will also find the link to the list of Tony Motors characters:

This is an unpaid project, the reasons why I do everything unpaid are: Because I don’t have much money, I want to get caught first, I’m really afraid of being seen as and being called a scammer, and unpaidit is safer to work and collaborate together because I am autistic.

For more information you can find it on my website:

And the information on production on this page: https: // www .theguyvanvolencompany. com/guy-originals.

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