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Representatives for a community electricity saving project, looking for an ambitious and established TEAM, genuine speakers, MUST speak excellent English High standards, impeccable work ethic, salary is what you make of it *! There is no limit to the number of homeowner renting customers who do not want or choose solar panels, condominium activities, etc., and you can use ANY data with connection. This is a win-win situation for the customer. They don’t pay to enter, during or if ever they need to leave the community project (reason for moving, college, separation or other reason (s) _, they only save 25%, no problem – we ALL want Americans who have not installed solar power, to get the same benefits through the use of solar farms, a free program from A to Z – saving them only a respectable amount of money. who signs up. No chargeback ever . You have to complete their enrollment, so computer savvy and be able to hold a conversation, explain the project, the savings of 25% per year and that this happens through solar farms. They are everywhere. The training is free. and welcome for large or slightly smaller teams. Long term only, Net 7. This can be a lifelong job/campaign. I have worked on it in the past and been back. I knew he would be back this year since the government and utility providers have finally agreed on a permanent% of reasonable savings The owners wouldn’t take on an unworthy project. of your time/effort-! We can tootake teams, e.g .: GROUPS- Stay at home of mother or father with CS experience – Outgoing/friendly proficiency – in the US, if you can assemble a team and pay the dialer fees at first I can provide this kind of group, just this kind, data OR, Purchase and if you wish I can get you a great deal 90-95% connection and compliance on the same day – same day canceled, under 65 at a very cost low. . ANY DATA It works, no criteria, no credit score, no shading, the only thing the customer requires is to have an electricity bill and a phone. Purple $. Recruit – other teams make money under you if you wish. ABSOLUTELY NO HOURLY CAMPAIGN, the fee per registration is 50 $/person- to start- Plus in some states and as more open after weekly quotas 4 weeks in a row, incentives will be run, whoever makes the most subscriptions after per day – Direct commission. I need to be able to verify this with all agents. MAKE SOME # OF SUBSCRIPTIONS PER DAY (EASY) and beneficial for you and your team! Please be overachievers. You will be rewarded. Thanks!
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