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INTERNSHIP PROJECT: Develop a target market strategy for a robotic barista (with Le Bread Xpress)


  • 5 weeks, ~ 15 hours of work
  • Students who successfully complete the project receive a salary of $ 180
  • Applications are accepted at

COMPANY: Le Bread Xpress is a startup specializing in the development of robotic solutions for the food and beverage industry.

PROJECT CHALLENGE: Le Bread Xpress wants to bring an innovative Robot Barista to the market. Introducing such a complex product can be challenging and therefore requires in-depth market research. In this project, you will develop a go-to-market strategy which includes:

  • Analysis of the food robotics market (What is the food robotics market like today?)
  • Analysis of potential customer needs and expectations
  • Competitor analysis (Who are our existing competitors? How will we position ourselves in the food robotics market?)
  • Recommendations for targeting the right sectors (Who is our customer? Which sectors will benefit from this project? ).

For this project, we are looking for students with research and development or marketing background , so you will have the opportunity to work as part of a multidisciplinary team and develop skills that are both related to marketing than technology. We also want youyou develop a sense of entrepreneurial spirit while being part of a startup environment.

PROJECT PROCEDURES : In the last session of the project, you will present your go-to-market strategy to the Project Leader and CEO of the company.

PROJECT BENEFITS : In addition to a project report that you can add to your portfolio, successful project completion means:

  • Receive a LinkedIn recommendation from the project leader.
  • Have the opportunity to ask the Project Leader career-oriented questions and gain his insights into networking and job searching.
  • Log in to Open Avenues Connect, a LinkedIn group where OAF * posts information about new industry projects and our partners post internship and job opportunities.
  • Receive a certificate of completion.


For this project we are looking for students with one of the following skills:

  • Experience in Research and Development, knowledge of automation, IoT, MQTT protocol, API and native mobile app development.
  • Experience in marketing analysis.

PROJECT LEADER: Youssef Bousfoul is a computer systems analyst at Le Bread Xpress. He is responsible for product and software development, as well as international operations at Le Bread Xpress. He holds a Masters in Information Technology, a Masters in International Business from both the Université International de Casablanca and the Skema Business School. Youssef also holds a bachelor’s degree in Mandarin from Beijing Language and Cultural University, China.

* Questo project is presented by Open Avenues Foundation (OAF) , a non-profit organization that launches micro-internships and industrial projects to help students build their curriculum and prepare for high-end STEM careers. request and activity fields.

Company: Open Avenues Foundation

Vacancy Type: Internship 

Job Location: United States

Application Deadline: N/A

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