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About the job

<!--> Documents are a terrible way to represent information. Isn’t it crazy that we’re still modelling the world’s most important information as prose inside digital paper that we drag and drop between a hierarchy of little icons of cardboard folders? It makes sense when you consider that Word, PDF, and friends were developed and optimised for printing, display, and familiarity with the physical world - literally decades ago. But they suck if you want to store, query, model, program, transmit, and analyse information (i.e. everything databases are built for). Which is a problem when countless industries are generating documents at a rate that requires the processing speed of a machine to manage. We’re here to change that. We’re a group of ambitious weirdos focussed on our mission to unlock the trapped potential inside business documents. And this role is pivotal in making that mission a reality. This is an exciting new role As a Document Programmer, you will have privileged access to contracts - the currency of business. You will be one of an ultra-rare set of people who will have intimate access to the fundamental documents governing business. You’ll build a comprehensive understanding of how contracts work, informed by real examples (not crusty old textbooks). You’ll see commercial relationships for what they truly are - not how they’re talked about by salespeople, or argued about by lawyers. And those who wield the truth win. You’ll also be the opposite of a cog in a machine. We’re still in the early phases of building a clean, and clear system that is as satisfying to execute on as it is to build. You’ll be working on both - building the machine that builds the ultimate machine. Oh, and in case you’re wondering, you don’t need to know any code to apply to this role. What you'll be doing

  • Synthesise the world’s most complex contracts. We make sure every single document Nomio processes undergoes human analysis to achieve 99%+ accuracy. We've spent years building out a suite of unique annotation tools, our very own “Ironman suit”, to supercharge this process. You’ll be applying and developing our system, which is already revolutionising several industries in the UK.
  • Make Nomio better. You won't just be reviewing documents - you’ll be the bridge between our customers and our product team. We're counting on you to poke holes in our product and process, come up with unique solutions, and communicate our engineers. You will be one of the pioneers of legal data infrastructure.
  • Form customer relationships and secure business. Processing information is one thing, but contextualising that information is another. As one of our Document Programmers, you will play a crucial role in maintaining customer relationships and ensuring they’re getting everything they can out of Nomio.
  • And so much more... as an early employee, you'll get a front row seat to every aspect of the company.
Who you are
  • Fascinated by the intersection between law and tech: whether you're a recent grad, intern, paralegal - we don't mind. If you're excited about the problem we're solving, this role is for you.
  • Conscientious: you take this duty very seriously. You feel uncomfortable at a job half-done. You’re painstaking in your attention to detail. We’re saving our customers literally millions of dollars - so we can’t afford to make mistakes.
  • Self-assured: we’re an early-stage start-up, which means that this role is still in its infancy. You have to be comfortable making decisions, acting upon them, and moving on. We do not seek outwardly or falsely confident people; we seek quiet confidence and thoughtful assurance.
  • Process-obsessed: You’ll need to combine a huge amount of intelligence and attention to detail. This will allow you to effectively synthesise the context of our customers’ contracts and ensure they’re correct. Being a Document Programmer is a craft - you love honing and refining your craft.
What we value
  • Documenting everything: we hire people who are not just willing to comply with a written first culture, but who feel genuinely excited by the idea of working in one. Conversations are siloed and ephemeral. Writing things down is permanent, open, asynchronous and forces greater clarity of expression. We believe that working in an organised and zen environment. If you want start-up chaos, then this isn’t the right place for you.
  • Minimalism: we don’t add, we subtract. To keep quality high with limited resources, we have to reduce scope. Just because something exists doesn’t mean it’s a good reason for it to continue existing. Staying lean allows us to focus on what matters and pursue the highest quality in what we do.
  • Meticulous: we don’t put something out unless it’s excellent. This means that we zoom in and focus on the details that take something from good to great.
  • Feedback-obsessed: we expect each other to give direct feedback, in real time, on anything that is wrong or that can be done better. We give feedback without ego, and we believe in constant improvement because there is always something to improve.
What’s waiting for you
  • The best tools and equipment. Macbook, 4K monitor - whatever you need to do a great job.
  • An office one street away from Buckingham Palace, where you’ll be expected to work a couple of days a week.
  • No red tape, culture police or any of that junk. You’re here to do your best work.
  • Generous stock options - we want you to benefit from our success so you’ll own a piece of the pie.
  • A team of ambitious weirdos trying to fix a broken trillion dollar industry committed to helping you be the best version of yourself.
Interested? Email me, [email protected], with a PDF of your CV and a link to your Linkedin. 💡 About Me I studied law at Oxford. On graduating, I wanted a job in tech where I could be proactive, and make an impact from day one. At Nomio I could do this and more, despite my apparently ‘non-techy’ background. High impact, high reward. 8 months into the job, I am:
  • Working directly with our CEO, Commercial Director and Customer Success Director every day.
  • Liaising with CFOs and GCs of major businesses around the world and helping solve their problems.
  • Pitching to huge companies in all kinds of industries - from banks to biotech firms!
  • Learning more tech-y stuff than I ever thought possible.
  • Developing exciting product features with our engineering team.
  • Strategising ways forward for the product, and conducting market research.
Company: Nomio
Vacancy Type: Full Time
Job Location: London,England,UnitedKingdom
Application Deadline: N/A

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