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This Job Listing is about Wise in Chiba, Chiba, Japan 2022
We’re looking for a Customer Support Team Lead to add some additional leadership power and experience to our Customer Support teams in our Tokyo office. This role is a unique opportunity to build a strong team, develop processes that put our customers first, and provide continuous feedback from our customers to various product development teams to help millions more potential customers save money by using Wise!

You’ll receive a competitive package including an annual salary and stock options in a fast-growing company, amongst a wide array of other benefits.

Your mission:

  • Develop and build a strong team of efficient CS Agents who provide world-class support to our customers
  • Help your team members find their path in Wise and set them up for success, while working with your lead to do the same, potentially growing into a Senior Team Lead role
  • Help set and report against monthly and quarterly performance targets, communicate key insights, and obstacles to the teams and the broader company
  • Work closely with other Customer Support teams across the world, and the Wise product teams, to identify ways to improve the customer support experience while reducing customer contacts through product changes
  • Increase quality, effectiveness, and efficiency within Customer Support, as well as collaborate and communicate between varied Wise functions and teams across the globe
  • Help your team focus on why they’re doing what they’re doing, and also make sure they can see how their work helps to bring us closer to our mission
  • Build the team’s culture and set a great example by living our values on a daily basis

This role will give you the opportunity to:

  • Make an Impact – You’ll fuel this revolution by setting the standard of exceptional service for our customers. Our CS Agents are the first point of contact for our customers, so you’ll empower them with the tools required for our level of service and you’ll be there to help them develop along the way. We’re all about intellectual curiosity, growth, and a solution-oriented mindset, because after all, this isn’t just a job to us!
  • Be Yourself – We’re looking for Team Leads who have friendly personalities that are fun to work with! We hire smart people and we trust them, because we’re not interested in drama, only good Karma!
  • Work Globally – Our customers are all over the world and our team members are just as diverse. We’re 4000+ Wisers strong, with 90+ nationalities working in offices from Tampa to Tokyo, and several places in-between. Much like our product, we work across borders and teams to take care of our customers, because they come first and we make no compromises on that!
  • Inspire Teams – With your leadership style, bright ideas, knowledge, self-starting attitude, and customer insight, you’ll directly drive innovation and help us make money borderless! Whether you’re building growth paths for your team or working with a product team to offer expert insight on a feature, whatever the mission, we get it done!

A bit about you:

  • You hold Japanese citizenship, Permanent Residency or Child/Spouse of Japanese Citizen Visa (please note we cannot support some Visas for this role)
  • You’re experienced. You’ve got a proven track record as a people Lead in Customer Service, or a customer-facing Operations team – this is a requirement
  • You’re passionate. About customer experience, technology, leading people, and building teams. These aren’t just lines on a job description, you genuinely enjoy your work
  • You’re reliable. You’ve got the ability to multi-task and you take responsibility in challenging situations. You can manage, delegate, and oversee cross-team projects
  • You’re data-driven. You can dive into numbers to support process improvements, prioritization, and forecasting
  • You’re a self-starter. With a proven track record of taking individual ownership and responsibilities beyond your main daily duties, you’ve got a radar for finding areas of improvement and then you get things done
  • You’re an exceptional communicator. Nothing falls through the cracks with your cross-team communication and listening skills, you’re a master presenter, and you’re calm and comfortable when either giving or receiving feedback

Some extra skills that would be awesome:

  • Any additional languages are always welcome

Key Details

Office: Otemachi, Tokyo

Key Benefits:

  • Monthly salary starting from 7,075,000 JPY (gross)
  • Restricted Stock Units in a profitable company
  • Flexible working – whether it’s working from home, school plays or life admin we get that flexibility is essential and you’re trusted to do the right thing and be responsible
  • Medical insurance
  • Annual Medical Checks
  • Weekly team lunches
  • A fun work environment with social activities and events
  • Loads of development opportunities
  • The opportunity to work with super smart, curious people

And much more – check out more about our offer here.

Please note: Only applications with both a resume and cover letter will be considered.

Please answer the following topics in your cover letter:

  • What makes you the best candidate for the role?
  • How do you imagine the role and what in your past experience has best prepared you for this?
  • Provide an example of when you have led the implementation of a project, process change, or an initiative.

Pro Tips: Try to be specific in your cover letter. If you have projects you’ve led or things you’re proud of, explain the what, how and why. Bring examples. This is your chance to introduce yourself to us and we’re looking for the right person, beyond just what’s in your resume.

A bit about Wise:

Since 2011, we’ve had a clear mission: money without borders. Built by and for people who live global lives, we’re the fairest, easiest way to manage your money across borders.

We’re just at the beginning of our story and we’re growing at an incredible pace. We won’t stop until anyone, anywhere can send, spend and receive money wherever they are, whatever they’re doing. There’s still heaps to do and we can’t do it alone.

Our People:

At Wise, you’ll be joining a movement of people who believe in a better, fairer, more transparent way of moving money around the world. You’ll collaborate to do your best work and take on problems that no one has looked at before.

If you’re keen to learn, grow, try new things and aren’t afraid of a bold plan, you’ll fit right in.

How we work:

At Wise our strategy emerges from the collective brainpower of all our people, who are organised in dozens of independent, autonomous teams. Teams stay closest to our customers, so they choose what problems to solve and where to spend the most time.

You’ll experience radical levels of ownership and empowerment within your role. Plus the opportunity to see the direct impact of your work on our customers.

We’re people without borders — without judgement or prejudice, too. We want to work with the best people, no matter their background. So if you’re passionate about learning new things and keen to join our mission, you’ll fit right in.

Also, qualifications aren’t that important to us. If you’ve got great experience, and you’re great at articulating your thinking, we’d like to hear from you.

And because we believe that diverse teams build better products, we’d especially love to hear from you if you’re from an under-represented demographic.



4000 人以上のチームで運営を行っており、お客様の多額の資金を毎日取り扱っています。





  • チームメンバーが質の高いカスタマーサービスを提供するために、団結力の高いチームを構築する
  • チームメンバーの成功の為に目標を設定し、その達成の為にサポートをする
  • 月次および四半期ごとの各エージェントのパフォーマンスチェックや目標設定をサポートする
  • ワイズ各国のカスタマー サポート チームや プロダクトチームと連携して、製品の変更から生じるお客様からの問い合わせを削減するために、カスタマーサポートエクスペリエンスを改善する方法を特定する
  • カスタマー サポート内の品質、有効性、効率性を向上させるだけでなく、世界中のさまざまなチームとの間で効率的なコミュニケーションをはかる
  • ワイズミッションに少しでも近づく為に、チームメンバーへのフィードバックを大切にする
  • チームカルチャーを構築し、ワイズが持つバリューを日常的に実践することで優れたチームの模範になる


  • 影響力を身に付ける – お客様とのファーストコンタクトはカスタマーサポートであるため、当社のサービス レベルに必要なツールを通してチームの発展・育成のサポートをします。
  • 自分らしく – 今までのチームリーダーとしてのスキル、経験を活かし、自分らしく自立した環境で働きます。
  • グローバルで活躍 – 当社の顧客は世界中におり、 4000 人以上の従業員が在籍します。また、従業員は90 か国以上の国籍から成り立っています。当社の製品と同じように、カスタマーサポートは国境やチームを越えてお客様をサポートするので、英語力を活かして活躍します。
  • チームにインスピレーションを与える – リーダーシップスタイル、優れたアイデア、知識、自発的な姿勢により、ワイズで革命を起こすことが出来ます。どんな環境下であっても、ミッションにより近づく為に、チームで最後まで協力し成し遂げます。


  • 日本で就業可能な方 (日本国籍、永住者、日本人の配偶者等) 当社はビザのサポートは行っておりません
  • 日本語が流暢であり、英語での読み書きの他、仕事を行うにあたって英語での意思の疎通が問題なくとれる方 (日本語が第二言語の場合、日本語能力試験 JLPTのN1が必須)
  • カスタマー サービスのチームリードの経験、また顧客対応のオペレーション チームとしての実績があること – こちらは必須になります
  • 世の中をより良くしたいという情熱 – カスタマーサービス、テクノロジー、リーダーシップ、チーム構築にパッションがあること
  • 信頼性 – 複数の事柄を同時に扱うことができ、かつ自分にとって挑戦的な業務でも責任をもって対応出来ること。チーム間のプロジェクトを管理、委任、監督できること
  • データ分析能力 – データに基づて、優先順位付けながら、プロセスの改善、予測が出来る
  • 自発的能力 – 主な日常業務以上のタスクに対して自ら進んで責任を持って取り組み最後までやり遂げることができること
  • 優れたコミュニケーションスキル – 世界各国のチームと円滑にコミュニケーションがはかれる。また、プレゼンテーションにも優れていて、フィードバックを大切にする


  • 第三外国語のスキル
  • 海外送金の経験
  • 過去に銀行やウェブサービス事業会社、電話会社等でのカスタマーサポート経験
  • オンラインバンキングの利用経験
  • 注意深く、細かい点も見逃さないこと
  • 問題を解決する高い能力
  • フィンテックやその他テクノロジーへの興味、高い関心




  • 年収:7,075,000円 (gross)
  • ストック・オプション制度
  • 労災保険
  • 健康保険
  • 雇用保険
  • 定期健康診断
  • 有給休暇
  • 週休2日、祝日
  • ワークライフバランスを重視した、働きやすい環境
  • 入社時の研修制度(始めの数週間はシンガポールでの研修)
  • 月毎の会社負担のチームランチやイベント
  • リーダーシップトレーニング制度


  • 東京(大手町) ※ワイズではコロナ対策のため、週に2日は在宅ワークを推奨しています。




  • What makes you the best candidate for the role?
  • How do you imagine the role and what in your past experience has best prepared you for this?
  • Provide an example of when you have led the implementation of a project, process change, or an initiative.

カバー レターには具体的な内容を記載してください。今までに自発的に行ったプロジェクトや誇りに思っていることがあれば、その内容、方法、理由をご説明下さい。弊社は履歴書の内容だけでなく、適切な人材を探しています。


全ての応募者へ公平な選考を行います。選考過程において、調整・確認等が必要になった場合や、特筆事項があれば [email protected] まで英語にてご連絡頂くか、もしくは履歴書にその旨をご記入下さい。
Company: Wise
Vacancy Type: Full Time
Job Location: Chiba, Chiba, Japan
Application Deadline: N/A

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