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Research on Mining Sub-national Revenue Sharing Mechanisms in West and Central Africa


In a context where extractive activities have long been perceived as having a negligible impact on local African communities, there is a growing interest from states, companies and citizens in establishing sub-national revenue sharing mechanisms, particularly with the new generations of mining codes. The mechanisms put in place have taken various forms, through fiscal, parafiscal, and socio-economic mechanisms. In West and Central Africa, they are designed in different ways and are at very different levels of implementation, due to numerous obstacles. This makes it difficult to assess their relevance and effectiveness in relation to their objectives and standards of participation, transparency and accountability.

NRGI, in conjunction with partners, is conducting a study to assess the state of local development support mechanisms in seven countries: Senegal, Mali, Guinea, Niger, DRC, Sierra Leone and Ghana. A questionnaire has been completed (or is being completed) by consultants for each of the seven countries. The questionnaires collect data on fiscal, parafiscal and socio-economic mechanisms in each country and have been reviewed by NRGI.

This study deals with the following points:

  • a benchmark-of fiscal and parafiscal support mechanisms for local development through mining activities in the world.
  • an overview of the legislation and regulations in several countries on fiscal and parafiscal support for local development through mining and mining revenues (the rules)
  • an analysis of the state of implementation of each scheme in each country (practices), obstacles and barriers.
  • Areas for improvement for each scheme in each country, both in terms of rules and practices.
  • a comparative analysis highlighting the similarities and differences between the countries and outlining the main trends in rules and practices.


NRGI is looking for a consultant whose responsibilities will include:

  • Review and synthesize information from the country questionnaires, including validating and correcting as necessary / feasible?
  • Identify key findings on sub-national revenue sharing mechanisms for each at country
  • Identify regional trends in the regulation of local development support mechanisms, highlighting key similarities and disparities

Rates, base, timing, collection mode, allocation, and utilization rules (who pays, who receives, how, when, for what allocation, budgetary or expenditure rules, what support to local entities for utilization, impact monitoring), traceability, transparency, and accountability mechanisms, etc. What are the provisions (and requirements) for social payments and local content?

  • Highlight regional trends in the implementation of these mechanisms and the main obstacles to implementation

What assessment can be made about the implementation of relevant legal and regulatory texts? What implementation gaps can be identified? What are the obstacles to their implementation?

  • Propose reforms at regional and country level to improve the design and implementation of sub-national mining revenue sharing mechanisms

How can these mechanisms be improved in law and practice? What major trends can be identified in the countries covered in terms of the scope of the schemes, their sustainability, and their effectiveness in achieving their objectives? What are the possibilities for reform of rules and/or practices? What advocacy plan should be adopted to improve local development support mechanisms in the mining sector?

  • Be available for final review of the report before publication

The main working material will be a file of completed questionnaires for the 7 countries.


NRGI requests the consultant to provide the following deliverables:

  • A 5–10-page synthesis paper identifying key findings for each country based on review of the questionnaires
  • A 10 – 20-page synthesis paper of regional trends and key takeaway messages on the design and implementation of sub-national mining revenue sharing mechanisms based on the qualitative and quantitative information included in the country questionnaires. Any additional analysis as a back-up to inform these messages is of course welcome, but the consultant should rely primarily on the questionnaires.
  • Responses and modifications following questions and comments from NRGI regarding the consultant’s deliverables. These may be written or verbal, depending on the approach agreed between NRGI and the consultant.
  • Review of the final NRGI report prior to publication

Skills Required

NRGI is looking for a consultant with proven research skills and a solid knowledge of the extractive sector and sub-national extractive revenue sharing mechanisms. The candidate may be an independent expert or a legal entity (legal entity such as a consulting firm, university department, civil society organization, etc.). The specific skills required are the following:

  • Excellent synthesis and analytical skills
  • Very good knowledge of the African context
  • Strong desk study and report writing skills
  • Very good writing and reading skills in French and English

Timeframe and budget

  • The contract should cover the period mid-September to January 2023, with the maximum amount of work done by the end of November. The rest of the period should be spent answering some questions from the NRGI team and contributing to the pre-publication review.
  • Deliverables should be produced in English or French
  • NRGI will contract this on a per day rate basis, with a max amount

Submission of applications

Applications will be assessed on a rolling basis and will close on 19 September 2022. Applicants are invited to submit a short proposal (maximum 2 pages), including their financial offer.

Shortlisted applicants will be invited to participate in a call with the NRGI team working on this analysis.

More details on the deliverables and the consultant’s schedule can be provided upon request. Please email Papa Daouda DIENE and Abdoulaye BA for this information:

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Company: Natural Resource Governance Institute
Vacancy Type: Full Time
Job Location: Dakar, Dakar, Senegal
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