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Job description

As Safeway’s primary customer contact, the Grocery Purchasing Manager provides friendly, courteous and helpful service. The department manager spends most of his time selecting orders and ensuring that customer order processing/delivery is completed to standards and on schedule. The department manager is held accountable for the department’s achievements in providing superior service, increasing sales, improving earnings and containing costs. Train, supervise, schedule and assign tasks to Personal Shoppers. Ensures all equipment is used according to company standard and manufacturer guidelines to ensure safety and minimize damage. The position involves different levels of pressure in which the department manager should be able to respond accordingly. The Department Manager must demonstrate excellent motivation and ability to work as a team and be able to work both alone and as part of a team.

Work obligations

Employees of Safeway Grocery’s Home Purchasing Manager are generally responsible for completing the following job duties:

  • Provide customer service as currently defined by the employer as part of the position and within company policy.
  • Use laptop/scan unit to check item from the order,ensuring the goods match the order.
  • Ability to identify and locate items competently within the three categories of the store (ambient, refrigerated and frozen).
  • Monitor processing all customer orders to ensure customers receive all products that have been ordered/charged for.
  • Monitor order picking to ensure time commitments are met.
  • Bag the grocery items and put them in the bins.
  • Push the full cart (12 items per bin or items less than 6 bins per cart) into the back area to be placed on the hand carts.
  • Push the loaded hand cart onto the delivery cart.
  • Load the full bins onto the delivery truck. Ensure proper truck loading.
  • Train, schedule and supervise Personal Shoppers.
  • Make sure all daily/weekly routines are followed to demonstrate due diligence regarding legal compliance .
  • Maintain the cleanliness of the shop and back room.
  • Other tasks assigned.

Job-related qualifications

  • Ability to follow corporate customer service procedures. Demonstrate previous skills in customer service or related experience.
  • Ability to interact with clients and colleagues.
  • Ability to form teams of people.
  • Demonstrate strong communication and leadership skills.
  • Safeway knowledge is highly desirable.

Supervisory responsibility

Personal Buyers

Job title: Head of the departmentdomestic grocery shopping


Varies by store location and state/county requirements.

Work environment

% Internal: 95%% External: 5%

Extreme temperatures: N/A

Chemicals: N/A

Machinery, tools and equipment

trolley with bins, laptop with scanning gun, hand trolley, labels, cash register

Physical requests

Constant (over 70% of the time)

Frequent (30-70%)

Occasionel (10-30%)

Rarely (1-10%)


Often lifts 1-20 lbs. Occasionally lift 21-35 lbs. It rarely lifts 36-50 lbs.


Often carries 1-20 lbs. It sometimes carries 21-35 lbs. It rarely carries 36-50 lbs.


Push/pull often 1 to 35 lbs.


Frequent boy from the waist to the shoulders. Occasional from the floor to the waist and to the shoulders and beyond achievement. Rarely below the knee.

On your feet

Always stand upright while working. Sitting is allowed during breaks.


Walk constantly during work.


Rarely. You can use a stool or ladder to reach the upper shelves.

Trunk functions

Frequent bending of the head down/up. Rotationsoccasional neck, bending/bending, twisting, squatting.

Upper extremity

Frequent handling/grasping. Rarely fine manipulation of the fingers, firm grip.


Use of peripheral vision and depth perception to move around the store and back area and push carts and hand trolleys in crowded stores and in the back area. Using near vision to read labels, tags, process orders and control laptop screen.


To receive instructions and information from the manager and other employees, to interact with customers.


Used to provide services to customers, provide information to other employees and use the telephone/intercom.

Safeway will provide reasonable accommodation for qualified persons with disabilities capable of meeting overall job requirements. ”
Company: Albertsons Companies

Vacancy Type: Part-time · Entry level 

Job Location: Anchorage, AK

Application Deadline: N/A

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